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Writer's Block: Songs of summer

What are the three all-time greatest summer songs?

What are the best three songs of summer, ever? I'll tell you. "Coming in the Air," by Phil Collins. I remember hearing it out of every open window I passed in Ann Arbor one year, remember hearing echo against the pavement at night. It's instant summer for me to hear that song.

Another instant summer song is "Shake it Up," by the Cars. That's riding in the car with Brian in Lansing in the middle of the night.

The third is hard to pick. "Boys of Summer," for Brian and Paul, of course. That is the first house in LA, and driving down the hill to Ralph's for Sunday dinner. But then, there's "Let's Dance," clearly. How can that not be in there? 1982, driving down to the old Joe Lewis for the big concert. In my memory, or maybe I've made it up, it was the same night the Police were playing at Pine Knob, and the whole drive down was filled with all kinds of music. Actually, now that I think of it, I'm not sure if the concert was even in the summer. I remember very little of it. I remember very little of that summer, it was so long ago. Just the taste of the air, the feelings. The music, though, never fails to put me there.


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